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Who We Are

We are a locally-owned-and-operated business that specializes in providing high-quality extra virgin olive oil products. Our company was conceptualized and founded by Texan olive partners, who aimed to bring one of the healthiest cooking oil options to consumers. This goal evolved into introducing flavorful olive oil products to the world.

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At Olive These Foods, we make a variety of food products using our original recipes, which incorporate extra virgin olive oil as the central ingredient. Our culinary creations are kitchen friendly and multi-purpose, which means they can be used for both commercial and home cooking

Meet the Team!

Product Innovation

Cathy Bernell leads the team in product development and recipe formulation.  A few words from Cathy:

I’m not sure if this will serve as an introduction or the basic argument for medication.  I've been involved in the fabulous world of olives for a mere 13 years. I feel that I have used my very unusual way of thinking to the benefit of my businesses.  Despite holding a BBA in Finance/Real Estate from The University of Oklahoma (not exactly olive country), I was one of the founding partners in Lone Star Olive Ranch in 2008. We were one the first pioneering olive orchards in the undiscovered industry known as the Texas olive industry.  We went against all logic and “expert” advice and planted 14,000 olive trees in an 80 acre olive orchard in Madisonville, Texas. As we learned from our many failures and victories and became Texas olive producers, we encountered the next untraveled path in the Texas olive industry; harvesting and milling the olives into true 100% Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It was at this point that we built upon our olive foundation and created Texas Mobile Mill, a company started to provide a distinct advantage to Texas olive growers for producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil by bringing the world’s largest mobile olive mill and Texas’ only Master Miller to the olive groves instead of making the growers haul their olives in the Texas heat to a brick and mortar mill.  So now, Lone Star Olive Ranch and Texas Mobile Mill grow, harvest, mill and bottle 100% Texas extra virgin olive oil.

And along the way, I was elected to the Texas Association of Olive Board and selected to sit on the Texas Olive Oil Advisory Board. But, it was at this point that my love of olive oil and passion for cooking took control and prompted the apex company, Olive These Foods.  I feel that I have arrived at my destiny as a partner in Olive These Foods by being allowed to create innovative and exceptional foods using one of the world’s greatest ingredient, extra virgin olive oil.        

Product Implementation, Manufacturing & Food Safety

Christine McCabe leads the team with production, manufacturing, food safety and also product sales and distribution.  A few words from Christine:

I am an owner/farm operations manager for Lone Star Olive Ranch; an owner/operations manager and the miller for Texas Mobile Mill (I make olive oil in Texas, California and Arizona); and also an owner in Olive These Foods, a wonderful "olive-centric" Texas based specialty food company.

Since 2015 my business partner (Cathy Bernell) and I campaigned extensively for legislative action at the Capitol.  It is with great pleasure we saw these efforts come to fruition with the formation of the Texas Olive Oil Advisory Board.  I was on the Texas Association of Olive Oil Legislative Initiative Committee, met with congressional members seeking support for our bill, attended all committee hearings, and helped craft writing outlines for the interim charge. I believe change within the industry can only come from people seeking change to step forward and make a positive impact and difference. 

Since I began growing, my primary objective has always been to be an outstanding farmer and olive miller.  I have complete immersion into my craft.  This thread continues through Olive These Foods and I am looking forward to bringing awareness of how simple dietary changes are capable of making an enormous impact.  Be Well, Eat Well!