Olive Us

Who is Olive These Foods

We are a woman-owned, innovative specialty food company based in Madisonville, Texas. We focus on all natural ingredient with a key ingredient centered around high-quality extra virgin olive oil products. Conceptualized and founded by partners of Lone Star Olive Ranch, we aim to bring one of the healthiest cooking oil options to consumers in brave, bold and innovative applications.

Olive These Foods Products

At Olive These Foods, we make a variety of food products using our original recipes, which incorporate extra virgin olive oil as the central ingredient. Our culinary creations are kitchen friendly and multi-purpose, which means they can be used for both commercial and home cooking.

Meet the Team!

New Product Innovation

Cathy Bernell leads the team in new product development and recipe formulation.  Her love of olive oil and passion for cooking took control and prompted the apex company, Olive These Foods.  She steps boldly outside conventional thinking and creates innovative and exceptional foods using one of the world’s greatest ingredient, extra virgin olive oil.

Product Implementation, Manufacturing & Food Safety

Christine McCabe leads the team with production, manufacturing, food safety and also product sales and distribution.