A simple ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil

changing the ordinary, into the extraordinary!


Our Passion

Olive These Foods was conceived out of our passion of the culinary arts allowing us to bring artistic expression and creativity to your plates.  Our focus is on an ancient ingredient, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We've taken this nutritious and healthy fat and began redefining how olive oil is both perceived and featured in food and our kitchens.  That said, we are also "olive-centric"; from flesh to leaf to oil, exploring all of its ancient, almost magical, properties. 

About Us

Olive These Foods is the start-up olive oil centered food enterprise cultivated by Texas’s premier olive producers. Forging into uncharted territory has become a common business practice for the Principals at Olive These Foods. As the foremost pioneering olive growers in Texas, we didn’t want to create a juicer peach or a bigger pecan, we wanted and have been instrumental in forging an entirely new specialty crop in the great state of Texas. As our business “grew beyond the tree”, we realized an opportunity to develop a pilot food company focused on creatively utilizing olive oil as the focused ingredient for innovative, delicious and health conscious foods. This forward thinking and innovative approach to food creates exceptional flavors and improved nutrition by replacing unhealthy fats and redefining how olive oil is perceived and incorporated in both our foods and our kitchens.

Mission Statement

Using the traditional as a medium to the exceptional.

fresh picked olives
tractor and orchard

Olive These Foods

Seeks to enhance and improve the nutrition, taste and role of food by crafting original products centralized around one ingredient, extra virgin olive oil. Our brand is founded on three guiding principles:

  • Lifestyle – We are not a value brand, but a brand that delivers high quality, health-forward products with the maximum consumer convenience
  • Wellness – By substituting extra virgin olive oil for conventional fats, our products result in a measurably healthier product and
  • Tradition – Our olive oil based products will be unique, original and innovative but still be identifiable as the food that your family recipes are based upon

What Our Customers Say About Our Products

“As my nana used to say “well, I have never...” I received the bourbon olive oil as a gift and I have never….tasted anything like this!!! Amazing, addictive and flat out delicious. I was told it is a small batch product and difficult to get, so I will be ordering and keeping my eye on this olive oil.”



“My buddy is a friend of the owners and had a bottle of this bourbon olive oil. The bottle instantly caught my eye and when he served his bourbon olive oil candied bacon on the salad, I almost dropped my fork. Almost, because I didn’t want to stop eating it. I don’t usually eat the salad, but candied bacon can change your priorities. This is spectacular.”



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